First year experience

What if joining a new organization meant you had the same support, resources and sense of community from day 1 to 365?

At Thoughtworks, we believe that onboarding is a journey, not a single event. The First Year Experience is a customized onboarding program created specifically with full immersion in mind. 

In your first year, you’ll learn our approach to consulting, how to navigate the organization and you will be free to make your mark. Our program provides connections and guidance while challenging you to think about your own strengths, opportunity areas, goals and career paths.

First Year Experience program elements


Here are the four program elements that provide new hires with the guidance needed to quickly succeed, create lasting connections and deliver value to Thoughtworks and our clients.

1:1 support

When you join Thoughtworks, you’ll be supported from day 1. We provide all new hires with mentors who help facilitate your Thoughtworks journey. Your mentor is on hand to answer questions, provide advice or simply chat.

Community building

Our culture is unique because of our community of diverse and passionate technologists. Through the program, you’ll be introduced and connected to individuals from all walks of life.

Dedicated checkpoints

We love feedback at Thoughtworks and there are ample opportunities to let us know how we’re doing. Between surveys, check-ins, 1:1s and more, we provide many outlets for you to share your opinion.

Continuous learning

We value cultivation, because when everyone is open to sharing knowledge, the opportunities for growth are endless. Our Learning and Development team provides many resources dedicated to helping you grow and stretch.

The first year experience journey

We recognize that people join us at different points in their personal and professional journeys. First Year Experience is managed by a dedicated team of Thoughtworkers who are here to ensure you get the right support at the right time no matter your level of experience. We strive to create a continuously evolving program, shaped by the feedback of our new hires that is dynamic, adaptable and delivers an awesome experience.

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