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Welcome to Thoughtworks where we drive digital transformation and technological innovation. As a global technology consulting firm, we blend strategy, design, and engineering to propel digital innovation. With over 30 years of collaboration with clients worldwide and partner organizations, we aim to make an extraordinary impact on the world. Our community of over 11,000 Thoughtworkers spans 18 countries, with a strong presence in Ecuador, where our main office is located in the city of Quito.


As a Thoughtworker consultant, you are empowered to create bold solutions designed for the future of business for clients across a variety of industries. You can influence the digital strategy of a retail giant, launch a new mobile app for a bank, or redesign platforms using event sourcing and intelligent data pipelines.


Join us and enjoy amazing benefits, dynamic team collaboration, diverse learning opportunities, and an inclusive culture that sets us apart.


Be part of something extraordinary at Thoughtworks!

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Two people working with Post-it notes attached to a glass wall
Two people working with Post-it notes attached to a glass wall

How we work


  • We believe we grow best when we learn collectively in a safe and supportive environment. Sharing knowledge and feedback while teaching each other helps us become more impactful as teams and individuals.


Diverse teams:

  • When people are free to be themselves regardless of their age, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, religion, disability, background or identity, great things happen for individuals, teams, clients and Thoughtworks overall.



  • It’s not enough for us to simply build great technologies for our clients. We also aim to transform how they work and shift their mindsets to deliver long-lasting value to their business and help them achieve their goals.


High-quality code:

  • As one of the original pioneers of agile, our practices are always evolving. We’re constantly expanding and refining how we think about engineering excellence, ensuring fast, frequent and high-quality value delivery.

Be part of our team

Awards and recognition


Our organization has many reasons to be proud, including the dedication of our Thoughtworkers, our longstanding commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), our contribution to social change, and the satisfaction of our clients. These are some of the most recent awards and recognitions we have received in Ecuador.

Worlds Best Workplaces in 2023
Great Place to Work Certified sep 2021 - sep 2022
Employers for Youth - Tech 2023
The Best Places to Work 2023
Best Places to Work for Tech 2023
Best Places to Work for Women 2023
Best Places to Work in Technology 2022
Best Places to Work For Women 2022

Forge your path

Woman smiling and sitting on a gray sofa with a laptop on her lap. In the background of the image, there is the Thoughtworks office in Porto Alegre, with balloons and a table on her left side.
Data & AI

We are curious minds who come together in collaborative, inclusive teams to push boundaries and make a positive impact on the world by harnessing the power of data and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

A woman on the left and a man embracing with badges in the Thoughtworks office. To the left of the man, there is a bookshelf. In the background, there is a television and balloons.

The essence of every Thoughtworks developer is software excellence. Here, you will be part of self-driven and multidisciplinary teams.

A woman sitting, facing a table with her notebook and a Thoughtworks cup. In the background, a television with the Thoughtworks logo on the screen and plants around.

Our Infrastructure Consultants have hands-on involvement in building CI/CD ecosystems, creating infrastructure automation with practices like infrastructure as code, and launching support services like logging, monitoring, and alerting.

Learning & development journey

Joy of Interviewing: inside our recruitment process

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Recruiter screening

After initial contact with us through a message, you will connect with one of our recruiters via a Zoom call. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and determine if there is mutual compatibility.

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Role-specific interviews

You will participate in interview rounds tailored to your specific role. This may include traditional interviews, practical collaboration exercises, case/study simulations and others. Your recruiter will provide more detailed information once you reach this stage.

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Cultural alignment

This interview is where we will dive deeper into the correspondence between you and Thoughtworks, as well as the technical aspects of your role. You and your interviewers will address a range of questions related to collaboration, growth, and Thoughtworks' commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social change.

Icon in the shape of a globe in white with a blue background.
Leadership interview

In this interview, we will explore your key leadership skills, align your career aspirations with what Thoughtworks can offer, assess your knowledge of a second language – if that is a requirement for the role – and determine the support you need to succeed in your work.

What to expect as you interview with us

Beginning your career in Ecuador

First-year experience

Our First-year experience is designed to provide a comprehensive introduction to Thoughtworks' unique culture, our approach to technology consulting, and equip new joiners with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel as a Thoughtworker.

A woman, smiling as she looks upward, takes part in a meeting within an event hall. In the background, a screen projects a Zoom meeting with the presence of others.
Hybrid work model

At Thoughtworks Ecuador, we prioritize the well-being and flexibility of our team members. Thoughtworkers have the option to work remotely from anywhere in Ecuador, provided with necessary tools. While our main office in Quito, located in the Ekopark Corporate Center, boasts modern design and cutting-edge technology, most Thoughtworkers choose to work from the comfort of their homes. This flexibility transcends time zones, fostering a multicultural environment that enhances experience and accelerates growth.

Some benefits of being a Thoughtworker

Work from anywhere in Ecuador

We have a main office in Quito and coworking spaces in the cities of Guayaquil and Cuenca. However, the primary work setting for each Thoughtworker is their own home.

Bonuses and monetary allowances

We offer fixed monthly bonuses, including a logistics bonus specifically designated for covering expenses related to food and internet (Wi-Fi).

Life insurance

Our coverage includes life insurance for any cause of death and accidental death. In the unfortunate event of accidental death, an additional 100% is added. Moreover, in the case of a terminal illness, we provide upfront coverage of 50% to economically support the family.

Health Insurance
Our Thoughtworkers enjoy 100% company-covered health insurance, with the option to add dependents at a 50% covered cost. Special health plans are available for non-dependents (parents, siblings) at a reasonable cost, covered by the Thoughtworker.
Family Care

Thoughtworks offers mothers four paid months for maternity leave (including a 15-month breastfeeding period) and the option for up to one year of unpaid leave. Fathers receive one paid month in accordance with Ecuadorian labor law, allowing for twelve to fifteen days depending on the case.

Thank You Time

We provide 20 hours annually for personal, recreational, rest, or leisure activities, reflecting our commitment to the mental and physical well-being of our team.

Do you want to learn more about our benefits and how we take care of our people?

A group of 6 Thoughtworkers gathered and smiling for the photo, with the backdrop being the Thoughtworks office in Recife.
A group of 6 Thoughtworkers gathered and smiling for the photo, with the backdrop being the Thoughtworks office in Recife.

Diversity, equity and inclusion have the power to create positive social change

We seek to create and environment in which people have space to belong and grow, feeling respected and valued.

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