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Together we make 

extraordinary impact

You’re a change maker, an opportunity creator, a status-quo shaker. Maybe even a Thoughtworker. Ready to take on a new role?


You’re multidimensional and we think work should be that way too. Here, you’ll own your career path and we’re going to support you the whole way, no matter the direction you want to grow. 


So while you’re evolving into the technologist you want to be, you’ll be making extraordinary impact for our clients along the way. And the best part? You’ll be doing it alongside other passionate, diverse and equally empowered Thoughtworkers.


Together, our extra curiosity, innovation, passion and dedication overcomes ordinary.

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At Thoughtworks Spain you can work remotely from anywhere in the country. Our people are changing the world of technology and making an extraordinary impact from the north to the south of Spain. Join this community, explore our open roles.

Our interview process

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Recruiter screening

After initial contact with us through a message, you will connect with one of our recruiters via a Zoom call. This is an opportunity for us to get to know each other and determine if there is mutual compatibility.

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Role-specific interviews

You will participate in interview rounds tailored to your specific role. This may include traditional interviews, practical collaboration exercises, case/study simulations and others. Your recruiter will provide more detailed information once you reach this stage.

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Cultural alignment

This interview is where we will dive deeper into the correspondence between you and Thoughtworks. You and your interviewers will address a range of questions related to collaboration, growth, and Thoughtworks' commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social change.

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Leadership interview

In this interview, we will explore your key leadership skills, align your career aspirations with what Thoughtworks can offer, and determine the support you need to succeed in your work.

Cultivating curious minds to make extraordinary impact.

Meet James

Removing barriers for both himself and others has been a theme for James as he’s navigated his career in tech and DEI, using his perspective to open doors to authenticity, understanding and opportunity.

Meet María

A simple question helped ignite María Fernanda Escudero's desire to become a technologist. Discover how she's now inspiring others.

Meet Mushtaq

Sometimes a professional detour is what leads to our most fulfilling work. Learn more about Mushtaq Ahmed’s inspiring transition from doctor to 'Mr. Scala.’

What our people have to say

Our employees know Thoughtworks best. Check out our Glassdoor profile and reviews to get a clear picture of what it's really like to work at Thoughtworks today.

Awards and recognition


There's a lot that we're proud of as an organization, from our employees, to our long-standing commitment to DEI and social change and the work we do for our clients.

GPTW Award
Forbes list
Premios de Tecnologia Spain
GPTW Certified
Worlds best place to work

We prepare clients for the unpredictable