Natalie Drucker

Global Marketing Director - Growth & Ventures

I'm a marketing and digital expert helping companies identify new strategic directions, as well as create effective go to market strategies to pursue them. Working across Europe, USA, Australia and China, I specialise in launching creative programmes and campaigns that scale, and achieve business growth. With strong expertise in both Strategy and digital marketing, I bridge the gap between senior leadership and execution teams.

At ThoughtWorks, I’ve led strategic growth initiatives including the launch of the company's first global vertical (Retail), as well as the ThoughtWorks Ventures Group.

When I’m not on the job, I write about 'how to stay human in a digital world'; helping people navigate through the digital revolution that is impacting our health and well-being, ability to interact socially, and creation of technologies that negatively change the world.

As a former champion in acrobatics, millennial and a technologist, I bring a unique view on the topic. Visit to learn more.