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Danielle Erickson

Danielle Erickson

Product Manager for Cleantech and Sustainability, Thoughtworks North America

I am a product manager focused on defining, delivering, and evolving Cleantech and Sustainability as it relates to technology. Coming from a background in software engineering, I work closely with development teams to understand how the technology we build can be done so more efficiently — specifically to reduce carbon and energy, and the steps and culture shifts we can adopt to actually make carbon consideration a default practices in our day-to-day decisions.


I have been the product manager for the Cloud Carbon Footprint open-source tool, built and sponsored by Thoughtworks. Having worn a number of different hats and worked across various industries throughout my consulting career, I bring flexibility, adaptability, and a variety of perspectives and context to her now sustainability focused work. A long-time passion of mine, I am excited to work in this capacity more formally, helping companies take ownership and action on reducing their carbon footprint, meet sustainability goals, and collaborate for the betterment of the planet.