AWS and ThoughtWorks
AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. Migration Competency. AWS Lambda. Immersion Day Partner.

Collaborating for success

AWS and ThoughtWorks are partnering to help you accelerate agility to pivot quickly in today’s world. Our differentiated partnership leverages the strength of two market leaders in the digital space.

Together, we bring a powerful blend of modernization expertise, best-in-class infrastructure and talent to address business challenges. These combined strengths allow us to deliver modern, cloud-based platforms and applications to support a differentiated set of capabilities and rapid creation of new customer features.

Navigating Cloud: The key to resilience, in crisis and beyond

This edition of Perspectives explores how Cloud can enable your business to move quickly to respond to disruption.

Accelerating business capabilities

ThoughtWorks enabled a flexible digital platform strategy on the cloud by modernizing Daimler’s existing application platform, allowing them to scale to meet growing demand, while seamlessly fitting into their existing infrastructure.

Selective expertise


The Enterprise Modernization Program is a shared vision for digital transformation that leverages the capabilities and global expertise of both ThoughtWorks and AWS. We partner with Fortune 500 companies to utilize a cloud-native approach to optimize their legacy applications, applying our knowledge of deep infrastructure, advanced automation and building a rich ecosystem of services.


ThoughtWorks has deep expertise implementing serverless architectures that rely upon AWS Lambda to minimize costs and optimize for opportunity gain, while still maintaining flexibility. Serverless architecture offers many advantageous traits, including scalability, elasticity, faster time-to-market, and low barrier-to-entry, allowing businesses to pivot when they need to.

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