Infrastructure as Code in Practice: How to Get the Most Out of It

About the webinar

Infrastructure as Code helps solve a lot of the challenges of infrastructure that is managed traditionally. Tools, practices and patterns pioneered through the DevOps movement are applied to the infrastructure, which enables faster deliveries and automation. While some organisations have used IaC to reach new heights, many still struggle to tap into the full potential value of this approach.

Oftentimes, infrastructure is built with the end goal to “automate everything and move fast” without considering or at the expense of the users needs in mind. Shifting gears to an application-driven approach can ensure users' needs are considered.

Learn how to get the most out of IaC with Kief Morris, Thoughtworks’ Global Lead for Infrastructure Engineering and author of the newly published book Infrastructure as Code: Dynamic Systems for the Cloud Age, and Inny So, Thoughtworks’ Lead Infrastructure Consultant.

Meet your speakers

Inny So

Lead Infrastructure Consultant, Thoughtworks Australia

As Lead Infrastructure Consultant, Inny's had the opportunity to work in many different aspects of Software Engineering including development, test automation and operations. She enjoys all things infrastructure, especially when it comes to understanding the health of a system and infrastructure using data.

Kief Morris

Global Lead for Infrastructure Engineering

Kief Morris is the Global Lead for Infrastructure Engineering at Thoughtworks. He drives conversations about improving how cloud and infrastructure technology can be used to help teams deliver value more quickly and reliably. Originally from Tennessee, Kief is based in the Thoughtworks London office.

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If you're interested in getting a deeper insight into this new edition just head over to the main book page for more details.