Codeconf 2020 conference
Codeconf 2020 conference
CodeConf Stuttgart

27th March 2020

We are excited to host the first CodeConf in Stuttgart! A whole day event and a forum for curious tech practitioners, who are looking to be part of an open and inclusive network, to come together, learn from each other and be inspired. 

We are looking forward to welcome you in a positive and motivating environment providing fresh content about best practices in Software Development, wonderful speakers and trainers, and innovative formats.

Inclusivity at our events

A primary goal of Thoughtworks events is to be inclusive to a diverse group of people. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing a friendly, safe and welcoming environment for all, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, appearance, disability, marital status, socioeconomic status (or any other protected status), and religion (or lack thereof).


10:45amTalk: "The fullest Stack Developer"Stefanie Grewenig, Thoughtworks
11:30amCoffee Break
12:30amLunch Break
1:45pmTalk: "Social Change"Christoph Hassler, Thoughtworks
2:30pmCoffee Break
2:45pmWorkshop: "Event Storming"Cristian Benedit & Frank Zimmermann, Thoughtworks
4:00pmWrapUp & Networking

We hope to see you on the 27th March


Stefanie Grewenig

Stefanie Grewenig

Stefanie is working as a software developer with Thoughtworks Germany since 2014. Most of her professional career, she has been working on large custom software delivery projects ranging from web development to developing software for embedded systems.

Cristian is a software developer, who believes that software is a lot more about people than it is about technology. He fights the dragon of accidental complexity every day with his favourite weapon of choice, design. He also enjoys pairing and practicing tdd. He never deals in absolutes, only siths do that.

Frank is a Project Manager and Principal Consultant at Thoughtworks. In the past 20+ years he served a large variety of clients and managed several projects and programs on international assignments. He has an extensive advisory background in IT and business consulting across several industry sectors. He is passionate about agile methodologies and lean management. Frank is a leader who focuses on impact and enables teams to deliver value to clients fast.

Christoph Hassler

Christoph Hassler

Christoph is UX Consultant and Lead for social change at Thoughtworks, working in the field of design since the early 2000. He is thinking a lot about the future of work and the role technology plays in our society.

Im Wizemann "Studio"

Quellenstraße 7



Quellenstraße 7
70376 Stuttgart

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