Accelerate your software projects with Catalyst starter kit

Infuse your project with proven, reusable and customizable code that will ultimately elevate the quality of your product and offering, powering you to go to market faster!

Thoughtworks has put together a formidable jump starter that can incrementally transform your digital journey. We call it the Catalyst. This starter kit houses the source code of development practices that every project should ideally begin with. The kit has been meticulously crowd-sourced within Thoughtworks and vetted by passionate technologists and specialists from across our offices and accounts.

Thoughtworks codified proven practices accelerator

Catalyst is a ready repository of high quality permissible license, clean-code that ensures development and implementation success. This accelerator enables development rigour from Day 0, helps manage tech stack complexity and expedites project release cycles. 

This repository of codified practices can be owned and customizable to any and every project’s specific development needs, thus allowing for rapid project-set up.

Why Catalyst?

9 projects (and growing) have successfully

adopted the codified Catalyst starter kit

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