Free to be yourself
Free to be yourself

You are always welcome here

No matter who you are or how you identify, this is a place where you are safe to be you. 

Inclusivity is in our DNA. Beyond tech skills, we hire for and value respect, empathy, and open-mindedness. We are encouraged to advocate for what we believe in. On any given day you’ll hear ThoughtWorkers talking openly about race, gender, equality, discrimination, and intersectionality. We also take action. 

ThoughtWorkers are doing some pretty amazing things all around the world to ensure we create a diverse and inclusive organization that is ever-evolving. Right now, there are more than 60 active diversity programs and initiatives going on in our offices worldwide. These programs focus on everything from gender and underrepresented gender diversity, LGBTQIA+ issues, mental health, and neurodiversity. The goals for each are clear: to make ThoughtWorks, and technology, a better place for all.

Together, we have come a long way

We love that we've been recognized for our efforts, but as our CTO, Dr. Rebecca Parsons, says:

“We are not done yet, not by a long shot.” 

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*What is intersectionality?

You are the sum of many parts. Your background, your life experiences, social identity and more make you who you are. Inevitably though, you may feel defined by one of these — your gender, age, class, race or ability. However, these identities don’t necessarily operate in silos. 

Intersectionality recognizes the interrelated nature of different social identities. It is the complex and cumulative way that the effects of various forms of discrimination combine, overlap, intersect. 

While some might say it is difficult for a woman to navigate the tech industry, think about a woman of color and the additional hardships that she might face. Or a genderqueer person with a physical disability. Intersectionality is about recognizing and respecting each other as whole and complex people, as a confluence of all our identities.