Let's make Tech a better home. For everyone.

We are constantly striving to make tech a better, more welcoming and sustainable home for all, especially those who have been discriminated against historically. For years we have worked hard to achieve diversity, simply because it is the right thing to do. And we are proud of how much we have achieved. But we are not done yet.

Our culture lets people be comfortable as themselves, and so they find their own path, and they shine. Don't take our word for it though, please take the time to read some of our people’s stories, and their opinions on Inclusivity.

We're honored to be a Winner of the Top Companies for Women Technologists in North America for 2016 & 2017.

Our inspiration

Clare Sudbery

“I was born into a family of mathematicians, but a glimpse into games development got me interested in tech. I built my first computer, got a Masters in Computing and became a software developer.

After 12 years, I took a break to focus on my love for writing and teaching, but I realized soon that tech was the place for me. Since coming back, I’ve been an advocate of TDD and pair programming, I’ve started speaking at conferences and I’m currently providing technical leadership for local government."

Wang Ni

"As a grad at the cusp of choosing a career path, I was warned about the hardships that a 'woman in tech' faces. But the past five years at ThoughtWorks has removed any trace of doubt from my mind. The feeling of pride that I experience when I build a product with my own hands is unparalleled.

I want to use my story to remove any misgivings that aspiring women technologists might have that stems from a lack of understanding of the work that people in IT do. I talk to young girls still in campus about what it means to be a ‘woman in tech’, and how they can transform the world using technology."

Matthew Johnston

“I was born deaf. I started my career in Pensions, where a lot of business is done over the phone. I hated it, but when I found the computer in the office, my career took a new direction.

I became a developer. For many years, it was just me and the code as I couldn’t participate in meetings. When stenographers (and government funding to support them) became an option, a new world opened up. I love tech, I love leading tech projects and I love the creativity involved in consulting.”

Here, I have never felt disadvantaged due to my disability. I am given equal opportunities – whether as a speaker at events or being a part of important client projects. My tech dream is to use my interest in Machine Learning and IoT to build technology that can make lives of people with disabilities easier."

Hanaa Abdallah

"I grew up in the Netherlands and completed my studies in the UK. I wanted to study law but went down the business and computing route after becoming more and more curious about tech.

I joined ThoughtWorks as a graduate and spent my first 5 weeks in India. Since then, I’ve worked on publishing, financial services and government projects. I wanted to work somewhere where I would be heard and support aspiring graduates."

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We are Technologists