Kief Morris

Managing Servers in the Cloud

In his book, Infrastructure as Code, Kief Morris explains how you can take advantage of technologies like cloud, virtualization and configuration automation to manage IT infrastructure using tools and practices from software development.

These technologies have decoupled infrastructure from the underlying hardware, turning it into data and code.

Free yourself from routine tasks like setting up and updating servers. Forget about the struggle of keeping all your servers consistently configured and up to date with system patches. And start spending your time on more important projects and initiatives that will really make a difference to your organization.

Infrastructure as Code | Second edition

Infrastructure as Code 2nd edition by Kief Morris covers that practices, principles and patterns for managing dynamic cloud workloads.


  • Challenges and Principles
  • Dynamic infrastructure platforms 
  • Infrastructure provisioning tools
  • Server configuration tools
  • Infrastructure services
  • Patterns for provisioning servers 
  • Patterns for managing server templates
  • Patterns for updating and changing servers 
  • Patterns for defining infrastructure 
  • Software engineering practices for infrastructure 
  • Testing infrastructure changes 
  • Change management pipelines for infrastructure 
  •  Workflow for the infrastructure team 
  •  Continuity with dynamic infrastructure


Infrastructure as code is a necessary capability if you're moving to a serious adoption of microservices. Infrastructure as code techniques scale effectively to manage large clusters of servers, both in configuring the servers and specifying how they should interact.

Kief Morris

Cloud Practice Lead at Thoughtworks

Kief Morris is Cloud Practice Lead at Thoughtworks, and the author of the O'Reilly book "Infrastructure as Code". He works with organisations to understand how to take advantage of cloud, infrastructure automation, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery to become more effective at delivering IT services. Originally from Tennessee, Kief has been based in London since the dot-com days.

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