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Xuhai Zhang



张旭海在 Thoughtworks 担任架构师和专家咨询顾问。


从事软件相关工作的 7 年间,他在企业数字化、云原生应用与基础设施、DevOps 等领域拥有软件架构设计、解决方案咨询、技术教练及软件研发的专业知识和经验。




Zhang Xuhai works as an architect and lead consultant at Thoughtworks.


In his 7 years of software-related work, he possesses experience and expertise in software architecture design, solution consulting, technical coaching and software development in the fields of enterprise digitalization, cloud native applications and infrastructure, DevOps, etc.


He focuses on the technical fields like cloud native, distributed systems, and system software development and also is an active technology blogger, technical translator, and open source software contributor.