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Technology Radar meetup

 Will AI kill the App (and maybe developers)?
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Technology Radar meetup

Join us on June 13 2024 at Hong Kong

Thoughtworks Technology Radar is a twice-yearly snapshot of tools, techniques, platforms, languages and frameworks. This knowledge-sharing tool is based on our global teams’ experience and highlights things you may want to explore on your projects.

Generative AI has upended our understanding of what AI can do. Will it change how we use computers altogether?

Its flair for writing code is already transforming how software is made — but this is only the beginning. Some believe AI will spark a generational shift in how we use computers, giving us truly “smart assistants” capable of either operating other tools on our behalf or independently performing tasks that once required purpose-built software.

Technology Radar meetup

June 13, 2024

At 15:00 to 17:30

Will AI kill the App (and maybe developers)?

22/F Sugar+, 25-31 Sugar Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong


In this meetup, our Thoughtworks Doppler member will bring an interpretation of the latest issue of technology radar, especially some experiences and design patterns about AI and LLM. We will also explore how AI will fundamentally impact software development practices.
As a wave of startups aims to bring app-killing devices or AI engineer to market, we ask: Is this the future, or is it merely hype?

Thoughtworks' speaker


Scott Shaw

Chief Technology Officer for APAC


As part of the Global Technology Leadership Team, I ensure technical excellence is at the core of all that Thoughtworks accomplishes in the Asia Pacific region. With over 30 years of experience in the software industry, I am a trusted advisor on tech strategy, architecture and emerging trends for technology executives across Australia and Southeast Asia.

Being the CTO for Thoughtworks APAC allows me to drive innovation across the region. I'm also a frequent speaker on topics around platforms, cloud and modernization, and have been an author for the much sought after Thoughtworks Technology Radar for over a decade.

Outside work, I cherish spending time with my family, attempting to master a bit of ice hockey and strumming away on my guitar, and mandolin.

Arne Laponin man

Liu Shangqi

Frontline Consultant, Thoughtworks China


Liu Shangqi is Head of Blockchain at Thoughtworks China, working at front line with emerging technology. Shangqi has provided software consulting and delivery services to clients in the automotive, finance, telecom, healthcare industries. As a technology advisor, he help to design system architecture, evaluate technology, refactor large-scale legacy system. And as tech lead he led team to delivery software, build up engineering capabilities. Shangqi is passionate about technologies like blockchain, distributed computing, microservice architecture, domain modeling, and legacy system refactoring. His geek passion is to decentralize everything.

As memeber of Technology Advisory Board, Shangqi also contribute to shape Thoughtworks Technology Radar.

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