Thank you for 25 amazing years

A message from Guo Xiao, CEO

A sincere thank you to our clients, employees, alumni, and organizations we have collaborated with, both past and present.

This milestone provides us an opportunity to both reflect on our past and look forward to the future.

Our history

Who doesn’t love a good story? Over the next five months we will be sharing content about our tech heritage, our people, our clients and the tech industry. 

Come along as we share our story. 


ThoughtWorks 25-Years
ThoughtWorks 25-Years

Our clients

They know what good looks like. Here’s a few examples.

A first-class mobile platform

for the world’s largest airline 

(and their partners, too).

Using emerging technology

to improve the lives of blind

and low vision people.

A digital platform to elevate

the customer experience.

The First International

implementation of

Bahmni OpenMRS.

Better medical care

where it’s needed most.


Using digital tools to

reduce the global threat of

mosquito-borne diseases.

Our next quarter century...

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