Vinod Sankaranarayanan

Vinod Sankaranarayanan

Project Management Consultant & Author

Vinod Sankaranarayanan has worked with organizations across the Finance, Travel, Retail and Healthcare space and has poured all of his accumulated knowledge and experience into his latest book, Software Ownership Transfer where he discusses the evolving practices of knowledge transfer using Agile philosophies.

Before ThoughtWorks, Vinod spent 11 years at MindTree where he began as a Business Analyst in the pre-Agile era. This helped him empathize with clients who were making Agile transitions while executing business critical projects. Vinod is also a founding member of the Business Analysts Council and the Agile Council.

Vinod holds a B.Tech (Hons) from National Institute of Technology, Calicut and an MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Kozhikode. He is a Certified ScrumMaster and is extensively published in Indian mainlines like The Economic Times and the Times of India.