Emily Luke

Head of Experience Design, Studios

Emily is Head of XD at ThoughtWorks Studios. Her past experiences working with clunky, barely usable software in the non-profit sector lead her to her current career where she waves her magic UX wand to create delightful experiences that are built for real human beings. 

If you can't find Emily in the office or helping a client, you can find her organizing, labeling and rearranging things...just about anywhere.

The Interview

The thing I love most about my work is

Seeing the look on a user's face when you have created something that truly inspires them or creates even a hint of joy in their life.

The best advice I can give a current or future ThoughtWorker is

Lean on the people around you. Listen to them. Laugh with them. ThoughtWorkers speak a common language and it's part of what makes our culture so strong.

The most interesting thing I've learned on the job is

Unicorns do exist. You just have to believe.