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New York, NY

The ThoughtWorks New York office also serves as a social hub for the local tech community. Our collaborative open-format on the 15th floor is a bustling space where ThoughtWorkers, our social justice allies and tech-hungry individuals converge weekly to work, mingle, share ideas, and learn. In 2013 we hosted various events in our Gallery space including weekend-long hack-a-thons, workshops for NYC Public Schools, Ideation sessions for NGOs and international organizations, competitions in partnership with Parsons New School and The Blue Ridge Foundation, and even a New York City mayoral debate. This continual flurry of activity creates a palpable kinetic energy synonymous with the city that never sleeps.

Our business in New York is strong. Due to the vibrancy of our city, diversity of our people, and our passion for innovation, our clients hailing from a wide variety of industries trust us for more than software development. Since NYC is the epicenter of fashion and retail, we’ve based our Retail Practice here to offer our domain expertise to retailers - helping them to transform their businesses and enable next generation retailing in this rapidly evolving digital era. Companies like Natural Markets, Amplify, Democracy Now, and Guggenheim look to us for strategic disruptive thinking, honest input, ongoing collaboration, and our pursuit of ambitious missions.

Our engagement with clients and external organizations, with the intent of being the hub of Silicon Alley doesn't stop at a collaborative community or building a strong business. We consistently welcome all clients and aligned community members to experience our work as it happens by inviting them into the office for a coffee, coconut water, or microbrew. We are inclusive, social thought leaders willing to share knowledge and welcome you into our space.

99 Madison Ave, 15th Floor
New York, NY 10016
E [email protected] T +1 646 412 5200 F +1 646 412 5201

Jobs in New York

"I'm so thrilled to get to come to ThoughtWorks and explore how this company might participate in conversations, campaigns and struggles around economic inequality"

— Leah Hunt-Hendrix, Director of the New Economy Initiative

If you're ready to join a community of passionate technologists making our clients' most ambitious mission happen, apply now.

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Partners & Allies

We're proud to work with a diverse range of organizations here at ThoughtWorks NYC. We regularly open our doors to groups that share our passion and vision for improving technology and the world around us.