ThoughtWorks just opened our first Spanish office in Barcelona. We love meeting the tech communities in new cities - and finding the amazing people who will join us there. We know Barcelona is a great place to be, and are looking for people who are as excited about building something new as we are.

Are you looking for a challenge? The chance to spread your wings and be part of something different? Then we should definitely get to know each other!

Check out our careers page if you are interested in joining ThoughtWorks Barcelona. Even if the roles shown here aren't exactly 'you', we’ll be growing fast, so it's important to us to be in touch with lots of like-minded people.

Edifici Media-TIC
Carrer de Roc Boronat 117, 8ª Planta
08018 Barcelona
T +34 932 201 415

Jobs in Barcelona

If you're ready to join a community of passionate technologists making our clients' most ambitious mission happen, apply now.

There will be more info coming soon, about our office, our plans and our people. If you haven't seen a role for you here, please check our careers page!

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