And you thought Go didnt support Maven, NuGet, Chef etc?

As part of release 13.1, we have added a bit of functionality to Go’s custom command. Accordingly, the task menu item has changed from ‘Custom Command’ to ‘More’.

As shown below, we have simply made it a little easier to get started with a whole bunch of tools related to build and deployment on different platforms. Simply lookup the tool you want to invoke from Go and it is likely we have a starter command for it. We may also show you some related tools for your consideration. Of course, all this is optional, you could choose to author a custom command from scratch as before.


Integrations with build and deploy tools

  • Get started with Maven


  • Get started with Chef


  • Get started with Nuget


  • And many more...

    For the complete list of commands, please see:

    Don’t find a command you are looking for? We welcome contributions to the public github repository above. We’ll credit you by linking to whatever (legitimate) url you mention as authorinfo.

  • Or customize your own...

    You aren’t restricted to the public commands. You could point Go to a private repository of commands. The straightforward use case of switching to a private command repository looks like this:


  • Fancier customization?

    For advanced customization, there is a potentially compelling use case that is an improvement over this. Stay tuned for a follow-up blog on it.