The Data-Guided Business

A new approach to success

For years, technology executives have been told that the future of their business rests on data. We’ve gone from management information systems through Big Data, analytics, machine learning and Artificial Intelligence. Business leaders are weary of the promises and sceptical about investing in the next data miracle. So why do businesses continue to invest so heavily in trying to master their data?

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ThoughtWorks Live - The Data Guided Business

Human Centred Data Transformation


Director of Data - Department for Work and Pensions

Applying Continuous Intelligence to your Business


Global Head of Technology, ThoughtWorks

Continuous Intelligence: Using AI to Feed Insights


Data Strategy Director, ThoughtWorks


Global Head of Tech, ThoughtWorks

ThoughtWorks Live UK
ThoughtWorks Live UK

ThoughtWorks Live UK 2019

London | Tuesday 30th April

ThoughtWorks Live is a breakfast event series for CxO level executives, that tackles business, technology and leadership challenges faced by senior leaders. We explore forward-thinking digital strategies that the leaders must learn to thrive in this dynamic world of technological disruptions.


In the April 2019 event we will discuss how to accelerate digital change and continuously innovate to sustain market leadership and growth.