Technology Radar Vol. 22

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For more than 10 years, our Tech Radar report has been relied on by global technology leaders to identify trends and inform investment decisions.

We crowdsource global input from our leading technologists and most forward-thinking clients, using real-world experiences to help you understand which technologies should currently be assessed, trialed, adopted or put on hold.


Meet your speakers

Lucy Kurian

Lucy Kurian, Lead Consultant

Lucy has brought agile and microservices transformation and delivery to many organisations. She helps her clients build and integrate large-scale distributed and disparate systems, applying her areas of expertise across global projects. 


She is passionate about engineering solutions for complex business problems and loves the challenge of working with emerging technologies, especially in the context of diverse domains and cultures.

James Lewis, Technical Director

James Lewis, Technical Director

James has been with Thoughtworks for the past decade and has over 20 years of experience working with cutting edge technologies. He advises clients on microservices, lean software engineering, domain-driven design, organisational design and innovation.


As a member of the Thoughtworks’ Technical Advisory Board (the group that creates the Technology Radar), he contributes to industry adoption of open source and other tools, techniques, platforms and languages.

Kief Morris

Kief Morris, Principal Cloud Technologist

Kief enjoys helping organisations adopt cloud age technologies and practices. This usually involves buzzwords like cloud, digital platforms, infrastructure automation, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery.

Originally from Tennessee, Kief has been been building teams to deliver software as a service in London since the dotcom days. He is the author of Infrastructure as Code, published by O'Reilly.