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We are a community of technologists. A community that is passionate about learning, and sharing what we learn. A community that nurtures and celebrates talent, irrespective of gender, background and any bias. As ThoughtWorkers, we have equal opportunities to grow, share our ideas and even re-invent ourselves.

In that spirit, here we share the stories of some of our talented technologists, from developers to designers - because not every techie writes code. Go on, read their stories and get inspired.

She Reinvented Herself. So Can You.

"Like many women of color, I had to battle for my place in the world. I started my career in audit, where I learned to understand enterprises by looking at patterns in their history.

Ten years on, with the world becoming digital, I switched into technology. Today, I help shape our clients’ digital future. I believe that a career in technology empowers women more than ever before."


Marcele Oliviera

Marcele Oliviera

“As a black woman in Brasil, I have struggled against prejudice my whole life. I believe tech can improve equality because information is so important.

Since I joined ThoughtWorks, I have been able to do something about it. In Recife, I am leading a project that’s building a lab to teach tech to people from poor backgrounds.”

Balvinder Khurana

Balvinder Khurana

"Working mums often feel guilty, which can hold us back and stop us from taking on new challenges.

When I was offered the Tech Principal role I wasn’t sure I could do it, but took the leap, knowing I would get a lot of support. Everyone here is focused on learning, not blaming, so it’s a safe place to stretch yourself. "

Lucy Fang

Lucy Fang

"I spent the majority of my career in marketing but became more and more curious about tech. I wanted to get off the sidelines and learn how to build websites myself.

I was really excited about how tech could impact people’s lives, so after almost a decade in marketing, I decided to retrain as a software developer and I’ve never looked back."

Rebecca Parsons

Rebecca Parsons

"I joined ThoughtWorks from academia in 1999, as a developer. Since then I have had the privilege to work around the world, on everything from evolutionary architecture to improving healthcare in the developing world.

One of my responsibilities as CTO is to lead the group which creates the Tech Radar. We influence the tech roadmap for thousands of companies around the world."

Winner of the 2016 Top Companies for Women Technologists Program

Take a minute to watch Rebecca Parsons give the acceptance speech at the Grace Hopper conference.

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