Embracing Change

11/15/2017 Blue Note Beijing

In the digital age, being more than passive recipients of commodities, consumers desire personalized commodities, prefer fast, convenient and customized services and are more willing to share their shopping experience, and they actively participate in the whole flow from creativity to birth of commodity.

There is no doubt that those wait-and-see or slow-moving enterprises will be weeded out. It is increasingly important to find a transformation route in this context. If the only constant is change, then how shall we embrace changes in a better way?

It is the fourth year that ThoughtWorks LIVE has come to China. We sincerely invite you to join us to find the answers from a global perspective. 

A survey of 150 chief executives carried out by ThoughtWorks suggested that, courageous leaders have some traits in common. They greatly support digital transformation of their respective industry; they play a leading role in creating values for enterprises with application of new technologies and their companies realize great growth of revenues or profits as a result of technological innovation; they are also willing to take a risk. Around this topic, main traits of courageous leaders and how managers should adjust their strategies to move ahead in this changing environment will be discussed. 

Being irreversible, digitalizing trend is bringing profound changes to all industries. Value of data is increasingly prominent and data is becoming an important asset of enterprises. When building a product and service platform for all businesses of HNA Modern Logistics, we should at the level of industry chain make visual monitoring and analysis over data of five businesses from the perspective of supply chain, accumulate data and transform it into data asset and thus improve operating efficiency of the whole industry chain. 

What is ideal car-buying experience for a car buyer? It might be acquisition of information from multiple channels, a unified information management platform, intelligent selection of new technologies, seamless transition between online and offline services, interesting and personalized services, convenient car-taking and payment…Daimler integrates digital technologies into the whole process from consumers’ cognition, preference and purchase to after-sale service. It is dedicated to building one-stop scenario-based experience and service biology based on car-buying behaviors from all channels. 

What is innovation? It is to cope with complexity and uncertainty and to discover pain points, define and solve problems, share experience and generalize and popularize the course. In the innovation workshop, we will make participants learn about innovation methods, flow and key points by telling two innovation stories in the society. Then we will make the participants grouped and they will finish an innovation design experiment with design thinking after guidance and discussion of innovation methods. The experiment will be displayed in a visual way. 


2:00-2:30PMCourageous ExecutivesAngela Ferguson - Group Managing Director of APAC, ThoughtWorks
2:30-3:00PMCar-buying Experience in the Digital and Scenario-based New Age of Consumption Robert Bruce - Director IT, Digital Customer Experience at Daimler Greater China
3:00-3:30PMData-driven Intelligent Logistics Yu Yanbing – Smart Logistics President of HNA Modern Logistics
4:15-6:30PMInnovation labVisualized Innovation Workshop
6:30-8:00PMDinner&Cocktail&Jazz ShowFirst Class Jazz Show+Exquisite Western Dinner

ThoughtWorks LIVE is an invitation-only social gathering, which is held in North America, Australia, Europe, India and China every year. VIP guests need not pay any conference fee. We will provide on-site simultaneous interpretation in English and you need not worry about the language.


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