Embracing Change

11/15/2017 Blue Note Beijing

In the digital age, being more than passive recipients of commodities, consumers desire personalized commodities, prefer fast, convenient and customized services and are more willing to share their shopping experience, and they actively participate in the whole flow from creativity to birth of commodity.There is no doubt that those wait-and-see or slow-moving enterprises will be weeded out. It is increasingly important to find a transformation route in this context. If the only constant is change, then how shall we embrace changes in a better way?

It is the fourth year that Thoughtworks LIVE has come to China. We have discussed the strategy of how to embrace change in the digital era with executives of top-notch companies.

Courageous Executives in the digital era

Angela Ferguson - Group Managing Director of APAC, Thoughtworks

Car-buying Experience in the Digital and Scenario-based New Age of Consumption

Robert Bruce - Director IT, Digital Customer Experience at Daimler Greater China

Yuntao Shi - Head of Delivery, Thoughtworks China

Data-driven Intelligent Logistics

TANG Kai - Managing Director of digital department, HNA

Shi Kai - Head of Intelligence Empowerment, Thoughtworks China

Service design for cars and beyond

Zach QIU - Head of Product Experience/Product Planning, A famous intelligent car company

Embracing Change

Zhang song - Managing Director - Thoughtworks China

Use Technology To Find Light

Zhu Chen - IoT Director, Thoughtworks China

Innovation lab

Xiao Ran - Head of Design and Consulting, Thoughtworks China