Software Architectural Approaches

Webinar Series | 1st July & 15th July

Join senior software developer Sergei Bukharov as he runs a two part webinar on how to organise code to increase maintainability and create abstraction in the face of uncertainty.

When change is the only constant, prepare for the unpredictable!

In this webinar, Sergei will talk about low-level application architecture: how to organise code to increase maintainability and create abstraction in the face of uncertainty.

This is a two-part webinar.

In Part 1 (1st July), Sergei will be covering common architectures or concepts, like "MVC", services, and layer architecture. He will talk about the pros and cons of the concepts.

In Part 2 (15th July) - Sergei will present on "Clean Architecture" from Uncle Bob. He will be talking about its advantages and disadvantages, and when to apply it (and when not to!).

These webinars will be mainly suitable for software developers of all experience levels. Business Analysts, Quality Analysts and other tech practitioners are welcome to join in as well.

Part 1: 1st July 2020

Part 2: 15th July 2020

Time zones | 8pm Singapore | 8pm Beijing
7pm Bangkok | 5.30pm Bangalore

Common architectures/concepts
Service, layer architecture
Pros and Cons
Clean Architecture

Meet Your Speaker

Sergei Bukharov | Senior Software Developer

Sergei started his career in public companies and unicorns in Kazan, Russia. He worked at the European Union at Swedbank, and is now a senior developer in Thoughtworks Singapore.

Throughout his career, he has been involved in the development of startups, medical systems, banking software, as well as monstrous telecom systems that process tremendous SMS traffic.

Over 10 years, he has had his fair share of problematic projects, projects with way too many features, and unwanted projects that have caused unbearable suffering to teams and owners. His goal is to stop reduce such projects.

This webinar has ended.

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