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ThoughtWorks Live is a breakfast series designed especially for executives who are at the intersection of business and technology. It brings together influential thinkers who explore success strategies for the future and discuss how to tap into the infinite possibilities created by the exponential advancements in technology.

About the ThoughtWorks Live Series

With technology improving the world around us and where the unimaginable is created in weeks, how can courageous business leaders seize the growth opportunities ? ThoughtWorks Live convenes thought leaders of the future, encouraging executives to continuously rethink and discover new means to deliver value. We explore creative ways of management thinking and converge them with latest technological trends. Exploring topics such as new revenue streams, data guided decision making, better customer experiences and other areas of innovation that help companies to be the disruptors.

ThoughtWorks Live UK 30 April 2019
ThoughtWorks Live UK 30 April 2019

Securing Trust for Strategic Advantage

Why digital safety has become business-critical

Tuesday 29 October

The rapid advance of new technologies presents organisations more opportunities than ever to learn about and forge connections with their customers - but also unprecedented risks that can no longer be addressed by out-of-the box solutions or a single team. Today, the impacts of cyber attacks aren’t just measured in terms of monetary losses. They can erode customer trust and cause reputational fallout from which an organisation may never truly recover.


The evolving nature of cyber threats makes security a strategic imperative, and a collective responsibility. Today’s business leaders have a duty to set the tone from the top, taking steps to ensure security extends beyond technology to become part of organisational culture. Join us for an insightful discussion of the changing security demands facing business leaders, and the strategies and tools that underpin a safe and sustainable digital enterprise while elevating the customer experience. 


8:30 AMRegistration and networking breakfast
9:00 AMWelcome addressRuth Harrison, Managing Director, ThoughtWorks
9:15 AMMaking best-in-class security ubiquitousSpeaker to be announced
9:55 AMSecurity by default - Building continuous cyber resilienceDave Elliman, Global Head of Technology, ThoughtWorks
10:35 AMAI and machine learning: An essential part of the security arsenal?Speaker to be announced
11:15 AMClose and networking

Keynote Sessions

Many organisations continue to make the mistake of viewing security as a technology issue with technical solutions, when given what’s at stake - revenues, brand equity, customer retention and overall reputation - it needs to be factored into the highest levels of corporate strategy, and tackled at the board level. A digital enterprise can only be truly safe when security extends beyond technology into people and processes, and plays a role in all key business decisions. During this session, we will share insights on creating a blueprint for a new approach that embeds robust, comprehensive security practices enterprise-wide.

Whether pursuing their own development initiatives or investing in technology-driven startups, organisations working on the next big thing without factoring in security from the beginning leave themselves open to vulnerabilities that have the potential to do long-term damage to their assets and reputation. This session will explore in-depth the technology tools and approaches that lay the foundations for secure product development from the outset, promoting more sustainable innovation and enhancing the overall cyber-resilience of the enterprise.

When it comes to artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), business leaders can believe the hype. They have clear potential to support a more proactive approach to risk management and protect the organisation - but only if they’re deployed and managed in the right way. In this session, we will show how senior executives can leverage AI and ML to shape effective decision-making and shield the business from a new breed of malicious attacks, while successfully navigating the resourcing and governance challenges these technologies present.

Meet the speakers


Managing Director, ThoughtWorks, UK

Twitter, LinkedIn

Ruth is responsible for business expansion, determining strategic direction, general management and leadership. With over 30 years of experience working with leading brands in the retail sector, Ruth is passionate about helping leaders accelerate growth and achieve scale, whilst calibrating strategies for the future.

Ruth is an advisor at the Regent’s University of London, a regular speaker at industry conferences and an adviser to start-ups. As an avid Tech-North advocate, Ruth dedicates her time to ‘Inspire the Future’ — a national UK charity mentoring young girls and women and is committed to help foster tech skills in the North East UK region.


Global Head of Technology, ThoughtWorks UK


Dave has 35 years of professional technical experience in a wide variety of industries through consulting as well as specialisms in banking, finance, media and software methods tooling. 

He is deeply immersed in technology and its impact on business and society - from development through architecture, analytics, infrastructure, emergent ideas and prototyping as well as large scale program management, implementation & planning. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, advises board C-suites and executive committees and sits on technology advisory groups for Government, independent companies, funded startups as well as standards bodies.

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This event is exclusively for C-level executives, VPs, Directors and Heads of Department whose responsibilities include: digital transformation, digital platform and automation, data analytics, change management, innovation, user experience, strategy and technology.

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