Infrastructure WebConf Europe Vol.3

Online Event

Our Infrastructure WebConf allows technologists interested in DevOps to listen and ask questions to our speakers and Infrastructure specialists: Gerald Schmidt, Marina Kjaer, Mónica Calderaro, Tim Fletcher and Pavana Shetty.

Thoughtworks’ subject matter experts explored best practices and thought-provoking learnings on the state of Infrastructure, docker container security and Infrastructure as data. 


Exploring docker container security- Risks and good practices

by Marina Kjaer & Mónica Calderaro

Infrastructure as data - why should you care

by Gerald Schmidt


Marina Kjarer

Software Developer, Thoughtworks Spain

Marina joined Thoughtworks over a year ago as a career changer and has focused her new journey on exploring a wide variety of learning paths. From development to product and design, she likes to be involved in the entire product lifecycle and is steadily traversing each section in depth to grow as a technologist. Having always enjoyed teaching, she makes sure to not only learn from the community but also contribute by sharing knowledge gained along the way.

Mónica Calderaro

Software Developer, Thoughtworks Spain

Mónica is a telecommunication engineer who decided to change careers a few years ago. She has a passionate interest in the development of a product from beginning to end and loves being able to collaborate with different communities at Thoughtworks, not only technical ones but about social impact as well. 

Gerald Schmidt

Infrastructure Consultant, Thoughtworks UK

Gerald discovered infrastructure by a long and meandering route, encountering more C++ and XML pitfalls along the way than seems sensible. He has spent the past six years building cloud infrastructure. On cloudless nights you can catch him working on open source projects of questionable usefulness.

Pavana Shetty

Infrastructure Consultant, Thoughtworks Germany

Pavana started as an automation software engineer, and has worked on various domains, mainly CICD and digital transformation. With over 11 years of experience she’s an agile enthusiast who enjoys DevOps culture and teams to work closely together in migration projects. She’s currently working on a large German automotive manufacturer, to transform their IT Landscape through a platform.

Tim Fletcher

Tim Fletcher

Infrastructure Consultant, Thoughtworks Germany

Tim is a Linux sysadmin turned Thoughtworks Infrastructure Developer. Tim has worked in a wide range of industries including; Education and Local Government, Energy, IoT and Cryptocurrency.