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Scaling bottlenecks: Technology mistakes every growing startup makes
Scaling bottlenecks: Technology mistakes every growing startup makes
Digital Scaleups Webinar

Scaling bottlenecks: Technology mistakes every growing startup makes

Technology. People. Product. After hours of analyzing our scaleup portfolio, the Scaleups team at Thoughtworks has discovered that these three critical areas can cause stagnating business growth within startups.


For some, it manifests as technical debt reaching such a level that developers are dissatisfied, and productivity is down. For others, experimentation and time to market have slowed after the original product market fit. What follows is the startup losing money from an inefficient architecture and development environment. Or it might be that they haven't invested enough in observability and reliance, impacting the customer experience. 


In our webinar, Scaling Bottlenecks: Technology mistakes every growing startup makes, our expert panel has extensively analyzed scaleups like yours to uncover common challenges. We discussed the signs you should be looking for and the foundational mechanisms you can put in place to avoid bottlenecks like these in the future.


Watch this webinar to take away practical solutions to conquer technology obstacles, empower your team and unleash your organization's potential.


Tim Cochran

Tim Cochran is Head of Digital Scaleups at Thoughtworks. In his role he advises clients on technology strategy and helps with the right technology choices to enable clients digital transformation goals. He is passionate about taking data-driven approaches to improve developer effectiveness and a vocal advocate of developer empowerment. Tim is sought after for his thinking on approaches to legacy modernization, on approaches to modernize the tech assets through modern day architectural patterns and has guided multiple successful modernization initiatives. 

Rickey Zachary

Rickey Zachary is a Technical Scaling Subject Matter Expert. In his current role he works with clients experiencing hyper growth to identify bottlenecks and help them reach improved outcomes and achieve product market fit. Rickey has worked with clients on large scale modernization, rearchitectures, and moving clients from monolithic architectures to microservice architecture. Further he has helped clients scale system performance and increase software delivery through improved developer experiences.

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