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Last updated : Mar 29, 2017
Not on the current edition
This blip is not on the current edition of the Radar. If it was on one of the last few editions it is likely that it is still relevant. If the blip is older it might no longer be relevant and our assessment might be different today. Unfortunately, we simply don't have the bandwidth to continuously review blips from previous editions of the Radar Understand more
Mar 2017
采纳 ? 我们强烈建议业界采用这些技术,我们将会在任何合适的项目中使用它们。

If you are faced with building a single-page application (SPA) and trying to choose a framework to build with, Ember.js has emerged as a leading choice. Our teams praise Ember for its highly productive developer experience, with far fewer surprises than other frameworks such as AngularJS. The Ember CLI build tooling is a haven in the storm of JavaScript build tools, and the Ember core team and community are highly active and responsive.

Apr 2016
试验 ? 值得一试。了解为何要构建这一能力是很重要的。企业应当在风险可控的前提下在项目中尝试应用此项技术。

Ember.js has developed further support based on project experiences and is clearly a strong contender in the field of JavaScript application frameworks. Ember is praised for its developer experience, with far fewer surprises than other frameworks such as AngularJS. The Ember CLI build tooling, convention-over-configuration approach and ES6 support also gain positive feedback.

Nov 2015
评估 ? 在了解它将对你的企业产生什么影响的前提下值得探索

Widespread usage of AngularJS continues on Thoughtworks projects, although not every experience is positive. We continue to advise teams to assess whether the additional complexity of a single-page JavaScript application is necessary to meet their requirements.  We also recommend assessing alternative frameworks, and in this radar edition we highlight Ember.js which is growing in popularity within Thoughtworks.  Ember is praised for its approach of opinionated convention over configuration, responsive core team of committers, performance, and build tooling support via Ember CLI.

May 2015
评估 ? 在了解它将对你的企业产生什么影响的前提下值得探索
已发布 : May 05, 2015


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