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更新于 : Apr 05, 2016
这一条目不在当前版本的技术雷达中。如果它出现在最近几期中,那么它很有可能仍然具有相关参考价值。如果这一条目出现在更早的雷达中,那么它很有可能已经不再具有相关性,我们的评估将不再适用于当下。很遗憾我们没有足够的带宽来持续评估以往的雷达内容。 了解更多
Apr 2016
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Over many years, JavaScript has grown to become probably the most widely used programming language in the world. Nevertheless, the language itself has a few problems that many have attempted to address by using libraries or even by implementing their own languages that run on top of JavaScript (of which we’ve mentioned both CoffeeScript and ClojureScript before). ES6 (aka ECMAScript 6 or ECMAScript 2015), the new version of JavaScript, addresses many of the concerns of the older versions currently in use. Although browser support is scarce, support from mature transpilers like Babel allows you to write ES6 and have it supported in older browsers. For new projects, we strongly suggest starting with ES6 from day one.

Nov 2015
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发布于 : Nov 10, 2015

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