Platform Strategy

Has your organization accumulated generations of technologies that are now hindering your business? Are you being outrun by digital-first players that have no legacy baggage?

Ensure your architecture is better prepared to move when your business strategy says you need to by continually investing in creating technology platforms that work for today’s needs, whilst being adaptable to future changes. With a digital platform strategy, you are able to promote re-use of core assets, adopt emerging technology more readily and make technology updates and changes with minimal impact to other parts of the business. We have expertise in exposing your business capabilities as easily consumable services; building self-service access to data, evolutionary architecture patterns and advanced delivery infrastructure.

The increased rate of change in tech
will continue to create a gap 

There are a number of technology fundamentals that support modernization of core assets.

Building Evolutionary Architectures 

Architectural decisions used to have an air of quasi-permanence. But in today’s fast-changing world, your architecture needs to support your ability to respond to new opportunities. The first principle of evolutionary architecture is to enable incremental change in architecture over time. This practical guide gives you everything you need to know to get started.


Microservices has emerged as an important architectural choice for the enterprise. But the ecosystem to support microservices is still being built. Listen to our podcast on Microservices: the state of the art which explores the pitfalls and antipatterns we see emerging and how microservices is being used successfully.

Continuous Delivery

Getting software released to users can be a painful, risky, and time-consuming process. Continuous Delivery can help large organizations become as lean, agile and innovative as startups. Through reliable, low-risk releases, continuous delivery makes it possible to continuously adapt software in line with user feedback, shifts in the market and changes to business strategy. We wrote the book on it. Check it out here.

ThoughtWorks and their technical leadership convinced us of the concept of a digital platform strategy and its ability to be used as a common set of building blocks — things that we could build upon and re-use multiple times as we move forward.

Cloud solutions

In an always-on age, customers demand ever-increasing digital engagement with your organization or product. Connected devices, mobile applications, and the sheer volume of data these interactions generate are forcing us to reconsider the infrastructure required to respond to customer needs quickly.

Cloud-first strategies are changing how technology provides value to the business, empowering organizations to take advantage of the scalability, reliability and improved performance of cloud computing.

We’ll help you to define and execute a cloud strategy that accelerates your business growth, helping you to navigate portfolio analysis, operating and governance models and identifying the right cloud migration approach, as well as executing migration using cloud-native engineering practices and evolving from a monolithic to microservices-based architecture.

How can you achieve faster growth?

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