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data strategy

Data strategy, engineering, and analytics


Organizations want to maximize the value held in their data estate and investments. But ineffective strategy, complex infrastructure and archaic processes make this challenging. When data is not incorporated into an organization’s digital transformation strategy, product teams aren’t empowered and executives can’t access the data they need to make better decisions.


There’s a methodical way to solve this – with proven data strategies that address infrastructure complexity and ensure data management and analysis is integrated into the business effectively. Unleash the power of data engineering, data strategy and analytics, and ML engineering, and realize value from your data initiatives faster, continuously, and ultimately shift to delivering outsized value through data ecosystems.


It’s all encompassed in our services:


  • Data strategy
  • Data governance
  • Data mesh
  • Data platforms
  • CD4ML
  • Intelligent products
  • Advanced analytics

Data expertise. Engineering rigor. Architectural innovation.


The key to realizing fast, continuous and outsized value from data, is from underlying technical and cultural foundations. Without agile development and DataOps, data democratization is impossible. The goal of becoming a data-guided organization isn’t achievable unless backed by infrastructure that enables rapid experimentation and smarter decisions each day. 


ThoughtWorks has pioneered many of today’s standard industry practices – for instance, agile delivery, continuous delivery and microservices. And we continue to innovate, with data mesh being the latest example. With these we can help you place data at the heart of your competitive differentiation. For now, and for the future.


We collaborated with ThoughtWorks and worked really as one single team. We built the product and delivered it on time and within budget, so it was really an exciting development effort and really a great partnership.
Bernadette Minton
VP of Data Science Solutions, MCG Health

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