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Nov 2017

Sonobuoy is a diagnostic tool for running end-to-end conformance tests on any Kubernetes cluster in a nondestructive way. The team at Heptio, which was founded by two creators of the Kubernetes projects, built this tool to ensure that the wide array of Kubernetes distributions and configurations conform to the best practices, while following the open source standardization for interoperability of clusters. We're experimenting with Sonobuoy to run as part of our infrastructure as code build pipeline, as well as continuous monitoring of our Kubernetes installations, to validate the behavior and health of the whole cluster.

Mar 2017

Netflix has open sourced Spinnaker, its microservices continuous delivery (CD) platform. Compared to other CI/CD platforms, Spinnaker implements cluster management and deployment of baked images to the cloud as first-class features. It supports out-of-the-box deployment and cluster management for multiple cloud providers such as Google Cloud Platform, AWS and Pivotal Cloud Foundry. You can integrate Spinnaker with Jenkins to run a Jenkins job build. We like Spinnaker's opinionated approach for deploying microservices to the cloud—with the exception that Spinnaker's pipelines are created via a user interface (UI) and cannot be configured as code.