May 2020

ScoutSuite is an expanded and updated tool based on Scout2 (featured in the Radar in 2018) that provides security posture assessment across AWS, Azure, GCP and other cloud providers. It works by automatically aggregating configuration data for an environment and applying rules to audit the environment. We've found this very useful across projects for doing point-in-time security assessments.

May 2018

Scout2 is a security auditing tool for AWS environments. Instead of manually navigating through web pages, you can rely on Scout2 to fetch all the configuration data of an AWS environment for you; it even generates an attack surface report. Scout2 ships with preconfigured rules and can be easily extended to support more services and test cases. Since Scout2 only performs AWS API calls to fetch configuration data and identify security gaps, it is not necessary to complete and submit the AWS Vulnerability / Penetration Testing Request Form.