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May 2018

Microsoft has steadily improved Azure and today not much separates the core cloud experience provided by the major cloud providers – Amazon, Google and Microsoft. The cloud providers seem to agree and seek to differentiate themselves in other areas such as features, services and cost structure. Microsoft is the provider who shows real interest in the legal requirements of European companies. They’ve a nuanced and plausible strategy, including unique offerings such as Azure Germany and Azure Stack, which gives some certainty to European companies in anticipation of the GDPR and possible legislative changes in the United States.

May 2013
Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform continues to play catchup with more mature clouds such as AWS, but we’ve been impressed with how Microsoft has responded to market demands. As with most Microsoft solutions it continues to be a contender and worth evaluating.
Oct 2012
Jan 2011
The Cloud continues to be of interest to us, with Software as a Service the most mature cloud component. Platform and Infrastructure as service offerings have reached different levels of maturity, and we reflect that in our placement of EC2, Google App Engine and Azure.
Aug 2010
Apr 2010