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Container Structure Tests

Published : Sep 27, 2023
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Sep 2023
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Container Structure Tests (CST) is a tool developed by Google to test the structure of a container image. CST can be used to check the existence or absence of a certain file in the image's file system, to verify the content of a file, to check the output or errors inside a specific command issued in the container and to check the metadata of the container image (i.e., labels, entrypoint and command) which helps ensure compliance with the CIS Docker Benchmark. We've had good experiences with CST and recommend you give it a try. In addition to preventing vulnerabilities — checking whether the container is exposing unnecessary ports — we also used it to validate that each Docker container passes all requirements necessary for it to be deployed and to run an application in the enterprise's platform. One of these requirements was having an observability agent installed in the image. It's important to be aware that CST isn't officially supported by Google, which could impact maintenance.

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