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Separate DevOps team

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Nov 2015

In the last radar issue we advised against creating a separate DevOps team, as DevOps is about creating a culture of shared responsibility in delivery teams. We recommend embedding operations skills into delivery teams to reduce friction and deliver better outcomes. However where there is a need for significant investment in tooling and automation, we do see a role for a Delivery Engineering team.  Rather than being a helpdesk, these teams build tooling and enable teams to deploy, monitor, and maintain their own production environments.  

May 2015
Jan 2015
Jul 2014
Some companies with good intentions create a separate DevOps team, which misconstrues the definition of DevOps. Rather than a role, DevOps is a cultural movement encouraging collaboration between operations specialists and developers. Rather than create yet another silo and suffer the consequences of Conway's Law, we advise you to embed these skills into teams, improving feedback loops and communication pathways by removing friction.