ThoughtWorks Corporate Innovation Programme
ThoughtWorks Corporate Innovation Programme



by ThoughtWorks Ventures

From strategy to execution, the ThoughtWorks Corporate Innovation Programme doesn't replace your corporate or transformation strategy. It details a continuous, integrated and systematic approach to innovation. Our approach enables organisations to establish, execute and sustain the ability to explore, experiment, and deliver new business models, businesses and products. 

In under 10 years Uber ($68B) and Tesla ($58B) outpaced the value of traditional car giants, threatening the traditional car ownership model 

Technology redraws the rules of business, collapsing formerly high barriers to entry. And markets are moving faster than ever! In the last 15 years, 52% of companies on the S&P 500 disappeared. The average life span fell from 67 years to just 15. Enterprises need to meld technology and business sensibilities to survive and thrive. 

Designing a corporate innovation programme
Designing a corporate innovation programme

Innovation that sticks

How to design a systematic corporate innovation programme that’s just the right fit for your business.

About the programme

The ThoughtWorks Corporate Innovation Programme runs alongside your core business. We kick it off with visioning workshops to help you identify key themes that have the potential to deliver exponential returns.

Corporate Innovation Programme Product Diagram
Corporate Innovation Programme Product Diagram

Aiming to run multiple pilots to increase the chances of success, we advise whether you should run pilots yourself, collaborate with the startup ecosystem, or partner with a ThoughtWorks delivery team to bring the new ideas to life. Fast. Once we validate viability, we can either help you integrate it into the core business, or scale it as a standalone product/business.

ThoughtWorks Ventures Compressor
ThoughtWorks Ventures Compressor

The ThoughtWorks COMPRESSOR shortens your Open Innovation cycle by mapping the startup ecosystem and curating startups that meet your objectives. In just 4 - 6 weeks. The ThoughtWorks Ventures Manager (TVM) sources startups and leads the collaboration process, ensuring that relevant innovation can be harnessed at speed.

Compressor Diagram
Compressor Diagram

Dominate the market through systematic innovation

Domino's dominating the market through systematic innovation
Domino's dominating the market through systematic innovation

In the photo: Domino's Pizza Enterprises Ltd share value in AUD over 5 years

Domino’s is one of the most digital-savvy companies. Their continuous investment in technology and customer experience created sustained, enviable growth, with a stellar impact on their share price. 

What happens when you gamify ordering? For Domino’s, basket size swelled. First, Domino’s created Pizza Chef, an experiential iPad app that lets users drag and drop toppings to create their ultimate pizza. Learning from the power of gamification, they partnered with ThoughtWorks to deliver the next evolution of Pizza Chef plus the new Pizza Mogul, a platform that lets users create a pizza, promote it across social networks, and earn a piece of the profit for every pizza sold. 

“Innovative companies are good at spotting what would be linear innovation for them, but exponential for everyone else.”  

Nima Montazeri

Head of Technology, ThoughtWorks Ventures

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Success stories

Delta - A First-class mobile platform for the world’s largest airline (and their partners too)

In 2011, Delta was one of the first airlines to invest in mobile. Only 6 years later, more than 1 million people rely on the FlyDelta app daily. Delta’s mobile transactions constitute 1% ($100 billion USD) of total mobile transactions in the US. Delta now adopts a Platform-as-a-Service approach to licence their first-class mobile platform to other major carriers, unlocking an entirely new revenue stream as a technology provider. The platform strategy devised with ThoughtWorks helped them travel from an airline to a true technology company.

John Lewis Partnership (JLP) releases a new food subscription service in just 14 weeks

To identify new sources of growth, the heritage retailer set up a new team, aiming to develop new concepts and propositions to test customer demand across their brands. One of their recent releases under the Waitrose brand is Cook Well, a healthy food subscription service. Working like a startup, within 3 weeks the team was testing recipes at home. Within 6 weeks the first test box was delivered through the platform. Within 14 weeks, the product was released to market in a trial period. JLP partnered with ThoughtWorks to get Cook Well to market quickly. The multi-disciplinary team worked under the mantra; build, measure learn. 

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