Thoughtworks Masterclass

Thoughtworks India turned 20 in October 2021. In celebrating our anniversary, we brought to you a series of tech sessions, which included learnings from 20 years of tech excellence.

All through the month, we hosted this series of tech talks, delivered by some of our best-and-brightest technologists in India. Each of them took us through different topics, ranging from Distributed Delivery and XR to Security and Navigating Ambiguity.

Masterclass recordings

October 4|Database essentials for the application developers

Speakers: Rathinakumar Ponnusamy & Raja Sekhar Reddy

October 5|Securing your agile development

Speaker: Neelu Tripathy

October 7|Adventures in serverless land

Speaker: Sarat Chandra Kongara

October 11|Navigating ambiguity

Speaker: Kriti Mehta

October 13|The Log - Building block of the modern cloud systems

Speaker: Unmesh Joshi

October 14 |Time Clock and ordering of events in cloud-scale systems

Speaker: Unmesh Joshi

October 20|Using XR in building autonomous vehicles

Speakers: Raju Kandasamy, Kuldeep Singh

October 22|Demystifying product strategy

Speakers: Madhubala Mukthinutalapati, Jyothi Pujari

October 25 |Evolution of infrastructure in 20 years

Speaker: Krishnaswamy Subramanian

October 27|Our journey to a data-driven Thoughtworks with Data Mesh

Speakers: Prakash Subramaniam, Deepthi K