The first event in the Thoughtworks Live Series, The Responsive Organisation, explored how businesses can navigate through uncertainty in order to maximise customer value and business outcomes.

To really thrive in the digital era, businesses need to commit to continuous evolution and strategic innovation, responding rapidly to market changes and opportunities. But not many organisations are actually built to do this and for most business leaders, there simply is not enough time to develop strategic and operational plans, while building up the capabilities, platforms and investment required to support the new initiatives.


Enabling sustainable transformation

Gary O'Brien, Global Advisory Lead, Thoughtworks

Frameworks for scaling business agility and moving from being cost-based and internally focused to a value-driven and externally focused enterprise is drawing the attention of the world's business and technology innovators, but it is not a journey without speed bumps.
Planning and strategy need to change. Organisational structure needs to change. Technology delivery practices need to change. Portfolio management needs to change. Measures of success need to change. Gary discusses the hurdles that must be overcome in order to become a responsive and values-driven organisation.

Increasing business agility and customer value through lean transformation

Fiona Phillips, Executive General Manager, Customer Delivery, IAG

With a mantra of ‘the business of business is technology’ and an advocate of platform thinking, agile and lean processes, Fiona is always looking at enhanced ways to meet customer expectations.
Fiona will share her experiences (the good and the bad) in strategy, transformation, operational and culture change, with a focus on maximising customer and business value through innovation. From investments and delivery of services, to platforms and capabilities, Fiona will demonstrate how value is created for IAG.

What is your organisation's psychological capacity for agility and adaptability?

Angela Corriero, Advisory Lead, Thoughtworks

Most organisations are seized with fear of competition, fear of future trends and fear of redundancy which increases aggression and inter-office competition whilst simultaneously decreasing capacity for innovation and strangling growth potential.
Angela will discuss an organisation's psychological readiness for agility and adaptability and how leaders that rally their team around purpose and passion and create safe work cultures have a unique competitive advantage.

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Thoughtworks Live is a series of breakfast events that brings together experts and industry leaders to go beyond theory and explore the complexities of digital transformation at ground level. It examines how businesses are breaking down structural and technical barriers, and effectively integrating data into development and decision-making, to become future-facing enterprises defined by agility, technological excellence and a culture of continuous learning.