Infrastructure WebConf

Online Event | 27th April 2020

Our Infrastructure WebConf allows technologists interested in DevOps to listen and ask questions to Infrastructure specialists Marion Bruns and Max Griffiths.

Our ThoughtWorks’ subject matter experts will explore best practices and thought-provoking learnings on the state of Infrastructure, testing and workflows for Infrastructure teams. 

Video Recording

The IAM role chaos: The pitfalls of setting up access management in the cloud

by Marion Bruns

Infrastructure as product - Commoditising the cloud with platform thinking

by Max Griffiths


5.00pm BST / 6.00pm CEST - Welcome

5.15pm BST / 6.15pm CEST

The IAM role chaos: The pitfalls of setting up access management in the cloud

Marion Bruns, Software Developer, ThoughtWorks Germany

Public cloud providers offer comprehensive IAM tools, which enables you to easily define and apply granular access permissions to entities and resources in the cloud. In spite of these tools access management can become complex as soon the number of systems and the infrastructure are growing and cross-functional teams take over accountability for implementing and delivering services alongside their infrastructure. How to organise access control? How to manage access permissions for deployment pipelines for services and infrastructure code? There is not one concept for access management, but there are measures and tools to avoid running into a mess, which is almost impossible to refactor.

6.00pm BST / 7.00pm CEST

Infrastructure as product - Commoditising the cloud with platform thinking

Max Griffiths, Infrastructure Consultant, ThoughtWorks UK

Cloud got complex and it's continuing to trend in the same direction. It now takes significant expertise to understand the offering, select the right components, and weave together a solution that actually accelerates time to value. How many people using public cloud technology can currently point at data that shows money-in has improved money-out?

A Platform Engineering team can help. If you have several developer teams writing infrastructure code there’s a good chance you’re solving the same problem twice. If you’re already working on an infrastructure team, are you measuring the impact of your deliverables? Investing in public cloud means more than just migrating from on-premise. By drawing on patterns from platform building, Developer Experience, Conway's Law, and product focused teams, this talk will provide some examples of guardrails that help you accelerate software delivery during your cloud adoption journey.

6.45pm BST / 7.45pm CEST - Ask me anything!

Q&A about infrastructure, ThoughtWorks and things you always wanted to know from passionate technologists.


Marion Bruns

Marion Bruns

Software Developer, ThoughtWorks Germany

Marion is a software developer with 25+ years of professional experience. As a coding architect and tech lead she works in all areas of software development, starting from programming to system architecture design. She has a passionate interest in the development of distributed system architectures and cloud and infrastructure topics. 

Max Griffiths

Infrastructure Consultant, ThoughtWorks UK

Max started as a Shell scripter fulfilling an urge to automate everything. Since then he’s been eating his way round the world working across multiple business verticals. Although the practice has changed names over time Max has been working in a DevOps context for 15 years, writing code and bringing teams closer together to help businesses of all sizes improve their software delivery capability. Currently working at a Global FS giant moving to a performant cloud that enables the business through platform engineering.