Australia Financial Services
Australia Financial Services
Australia Financial Services

In times of disruption, the ability to adapt is more critical than ever before. As organisations continue to evolve, they must invest in the capabilities that will allow them to pivot with changing market and customer demands. Financial Services organisations, in particular, must build their adaptive muscle to navigate an increasingly digital landscape, with new partners and changing industry regulations.

Adaptive enterprises will possess the ability to:

Thoughtworks has been operating in Australia since 1999, with offices in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. Our established Financial Services practice helps Banks, Insurance companies and the broader Fintech ecosystem to solve their most complex business problems. 

We connect strategy and execution; applying our global insight to identify custom solutions that strengthen our clients’ core technology and software delivery processes, and create seamless digital experiences for their customers and employees.

We have partnered with these leading Australian financial clients in supporting their journey to become digital leaders:

Recommended viewing

Deep customer research

Richard Young, Business Owner, Customer Transformation Program, Bankwest Diana Adorno, Principal Consultant, Product Design & Research, Thoughtworks

Bankwest identified a need to improve their customers' home loan application experience and by listening closely to what they really wanted, were able to respond to this need quickly and with confidence that they were building the right product to delight customers.In this talk, the presenters will share their perspectives on delivering the desired change and how good customer research can substantially benefit the entire delivery and launch process.

Responsive digital platform

Rajay Rai, Head of Applied Innovation, Macquarie Banking and Financial Services Group

With consumer expectations continually evolving in Australia's competitive retail banking market, Macquarie has focussed on transforming its digital banking experience to offer customers personalised and intuitive features that are firsts in Australian banking. Rajay will share his experience in the technologies and strategy used in building an open digital platform to enable the organisation to rapidly adapt its digital services in a world of constant change.

Defeating Online Fraud and Abuse: Continuous Intelligence in Action

Dr. Gerald Hartig, Principal Data Scientist, Arkose Labs

Solving multimillion-dollar online fraud problems for major global businesses across multiple industries is what Arkose Labs, a leading online fraud and abuse prevention organisation specialises in. In this talk, Dr Hartig discusses the ways Arkose Labs approaches Continuous Intelligence to protect some of the world's largest web properties.

Go-Everything: Building a Platform Ecosystem to Connect a Nation

Ajey Gore, Group CTO, Gojek Ange Ferguson, Managing Director, Thoughtworks

In this fireside chat, Thoughtworks Group MD of Digital Transformation, Ange Ferguson, talks to Go-Jek CTO, Ajey Gore, to explore the socio-economic impact Go-Jek is having on its ecosystem partners, the important of trust in the intersection between the digital and physical realm, and how to scale growth in a connected world.

On demand webinars

Banking on growth: Closing the financing gap for SMEs

As the backbone of our economy, SMEs are also the key to lifting the nation out of economic decline. Providing businesses with access to credit and other financial support will be crucial to helping manage their recovery. In this webinar, our panelists discuss how the emergence of fintechs, improved access to and usage of data with open banking, comprehensive credit reporting as well as government support can provide SMEs a lifeline and help rebuild Australia’s economy.

Reimagining Credit: Panel Discussion

As we begin to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for access to credit to support consumers, sustain businesses and bolster the economy is even greater. Will existing risk models based on historical data and existing processes to approve and issue credit be sufficient?

In this moderated discussion, we ask our

panelists from fintechs and financial institutions what they see is key to reimagine credit for the future.

Digital Payments: Will speed, security and ease of use trump choice?

In this webinar, we ask payment industry experts from Australia and India on how the shift towards digital payments will transform the way businesses and consumers transact. We’ll also discuss how regulatory intervention (e.g New Payments Platform) and technology advances (e.g Tokenization and Near-Field Communication) are accelerating the changes in the way we pay.

Of Mice and Elephants: Helping fintechs and large institutions collaborate for better outcomes

In this webinar, we speak to executives from all sides of the equation to hear first-hand their perspectives on what it’s like to work with culturally different partners, and some ways to overcome common challenges and move to a model that enables a better outcome for all the parties including the end customers. 

Open Data: Making it real

With the shift towards open banking well and truly underway, many players in the banking industry are looking to realise the opportunities open data presents. However, there are many considerations - on a technical, customer and regulatory level - that businesses need to address first. Join leaders across APAC to learn about the challenges, use cases and partnerships that have helped businesses make open data a reality.

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Our practice leads

Ian Kelsall 

Product Principal for BFSI and Fintech, Australia

Vic Wolff

Director of Financial Services, Australia

Darren Mason 

Technical Principal for BFSI and Fintech, Australia

Manu Iyer

Director for BFSI and Fintech, Australia

Duncan Stephens

Advisory and Delivery Principal for BFSI & Fintech, Australia

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