We are Technologists. So are you.
We are Technologists. So are you.

We've been overwhelmed with stories from ThoughtWorkers around the world, and we wanted to share them all. We hope you enjoy, and feel inspired – maybe even to share yours. 

Clare Sudbery

Clare Sudbery

“I was born into a family of mathematicians, but a glimpse into games development got me interested in tech. I built my first computer, got a Masters in Computing and became a software developer.

After 12 years, I took a break to focus on my love for writing and teaching, but I realized soon that tech was the place for me. Since coming back, I’ve been an advocate of TDD and pair programming, I’ve started speaking at conferences and I’m currently providing technical leadership for local government."

Wang Ni

Wang Ni

"As a grad at the cusp of choosing a career path, I was warned about the hardships that a 'woman in tech' faces. But the past five years at ThoughtWorks has removed any trace of doubt from my mind. The feeling of pride that I experience when I build a product with my own hands is unparalleled.

I want to use my story to remove any misgivings that aspiring women technologists might have that stems from a lack of understanding of the work that people in IT do. I talk to young girls still in campus about what it means to be a ‘woman in tech’, and how they can transform the world using technology."

Brett Vincent

Brett Vincent (alum)

"I lost my eyesight at the age of 6 due to a degenerative eye condition. Even though I had a passion for computers, the lack of braille computers made it challenging to pursue it. But I persevered - after university in South Africa, I worked for 15 years in multiple organizations before I joined ThoughtWorks.

Here, I have never felt as being disadvantaged due to my disability. I am given equal opportunities as anyone else - whether as a speaker at events or being a part of important client projects. My tech dream is to use my interest in Machine Learning and IoT to build technology that can make lives of people with disabilities easier."

Hanaa Abdallah

Hanaa Abdallah

"I grew up in the Netherlands and completed my studies in the UK. I wanted to study law but went down the business and computing route after becoming more and more curious about tech.

I joined ThoughtWorks as a graduate and spent my first 5 weeks in India. Since then, I’ve worked on publishing, financial services and government projects. I wanted to work somewhere where I would be heard and support aspiring graduates."

Matthew Johnston

Matthew Johnston

“I was born deaf. I started my career in Pensions, where a lot of business is done over the phone. I hated it, but when I found the computer in the office, my career took a new direction.

I became a developer. For many years, it was just me and the code as I couldn’t participate in meetings. When stenographers (and government funding to support them) became an option, a new world opened up. I love tech, I love leading tech projects and I love the creativity involved in consulting.”

Angela Ferguson

Angela Ferguson

"When I was 17, I used the internet for the first time. It was 1995 and I had just arrived at University. I was so inspired by the possibilities, I changed my degree from philosophy to computing, and never looked back.

Since then, I have embarked on an often surprising, but always exciting, career that has taken me to brilliant places I never imagined - today I am group MD for Asia Pacific. Women in leadership roles in tech may be a small group, but I am honored to be a part of a truly supportive community."

Dr. J Harrison

Dr. J Harrison

"I trained as a scientist but my flair for understanding and fixing problems brought me to tech. Previously, I worked across telecoms, travel and logistics but as a genderqueer migrant, I found it hard to fit in.

Now, I’ve finally found a place where I can be myself. When I’m not working with our clients to help solve their problems, I’m on a mission to make tech and our society more tolerant, accepting and inclusive."

Devangana Khokhar

Devangana Khokhar

"As a data geek straight out of school, ThoughtWorks has opened up a world of possibilities for me. I was not just able to use my passion for data to help businesses, but also for social good - including, but not limited to humanitarian response, making the web inclusive and other important social problems that the world is facing today.

I’ve also authored a book on data and have been an active part of important community groups such as Women Who Code and Datakind."

Camilla Crispim

Camilla Crispim

"I love to learn and try to be the best technologist and human being I can be. I’ve spent the last 4 years solving complex problems as a developer, tech lead and coach and have had opportunities to train new graduates and work with global leaders.

Right now, I am TA to our CTO, which means lots of new experiences and even more to learn. I’m also a big advocate for LGBT in tech, which ThoughtWorks supports. I’ve found my place here."

Anne J Simmons

Anne J Simmons

"As a Computer Science graduate, I was planning a career as an analyst, because I didn’t want to spend my days alone in a basement. ThoughtWorks has made me realize that software isn’t just about code, it’s about people.

I joined as a developer, and I’ve been here nearly ten years in a variety of technical roles, involving increasing amounts of coaching. My latest challenge is to lead the capability development of all ThoughtWorkers."

Rachel Laycock

Rachel Laycock

"My dad encouraged me towards engineering, which led me to Computing. When I started work, I was very shy, but I wanted to learn and experiment and ThoughtWorks seemed like a place I could do that.

Seven years later, I’ve spent time as a trainer in India, been on a global leadership development programme, and led tech teams all over the world. I’m now the Head of Technology in the US."

Zhamak Dehghani

Zhamak Dehghani

"Born and raised in Iran, I became obsessed with the potential of computers as soon as I touched one. This led to a Masters in IT and an early engineering career in product development, distributed systems and automated hardware.

As a tech lead, new mum and member of the ThoughtWorks global tech advisory board, I have to think creatively to juggle conflicting priorities and make things happen."

Birgitta Böckeler

"Since I first discovered how to talk to computers, I haven't been able to stop. I love to juggle the complexities of building software, and finding the simplicity in it.

At ThoughtWorks, I'm continuously challenged to think differently about tech and the world. I've researched the history of software developers and have been sharing my findings, hoping to change people's perceptions.

Xia Jie Jessie

"When I joined ThoughtWorks China in 2005, we were a start-up of six people.

Now, China is 900 people strong and, after learning every aspect of software delivery and pushing myself out of my comfort zone countless times, I am Managing Director of our Singapore business."

Nayana Udupi

"As a transwoman in India, I have battled with discrimination my whole life. I’ve found it difficult to find a job and establish a career, despite working hard to get qualifications.

After some time living on the streets, with the support of the transcommunity and ThoughtWorks, I am now a designer. I'm telling my story to encourage other transgender people who are facing adversity."

Vered Netzer

"My background is an unusual mix of life as a Major in the military and 14 years of working with startups. All my experiences make me the leader I am today.

At ThoughtWorks, I try to lead, inspire and empower teams to be creative, innovative and fulfill their potential while having fun. It’s like creating a kind of Disneyland for developers."

Marcele Oliviera (alum)

“As a black woman in Brasil, I have struggled against prejudice my whole life. I believe tech can improve equality because information is so important.

Since I joined ThoughtWorks, I have been able to do something about it. In Recife, I'm currently working on a project to build a lab to teach tech to people from poor backgrounds."

Balvinder Khurana

"Working mums often feel guilty, which can hold us back and stop us from taking on new challenges.

When I was offered the Tech Principal role I wasn’t sure I could do it, but took the leap, knowing I would get a lot of support. Everyone here is focused on learning, not blaming, so it’s a safe place to stretch yourself. "

Lucy Fang

"I spent the majority of my career in marketing but became more and more curious about tech. I wanted to get off the sidelines and learn how to build websites myself.

I was really excited about how tech could impact people’s lives, so after almost a decade in marketing, I decided to retrain as a software developer and I’ve never looked back."

Rebecca Parsons

"I joined ThoughtWorks from academia in 1999, as a developer. Since then I have had the privilege to work around the world, on everything from evolutionary architecture to improving healthcare in the developing world.

One of my responsibilities as CTO is to lead the group which creates the Tech Radar. We influence the tech roadmap for thousands of companies around the world."

My career began in the non-profit sector, tackling family violence. I worked as a writer, then a DJ, which brought me to the world of tech startups. Looking for ways to bring together my interests - product and design, lean approaches and social good, I found ThoughtWorks. When I'm not crafting tech products for clients, I'm agitating to improve our business and our industry for marginalised groups.
Roseanne Malfucci

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