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Ayush Sharma


I'm a novice developer in the early days of this journey. During a little span of my carrier, I've got the chance to explore different technological ends from the game domain to the automobile industry. I've got the opportunity to work on multiple cloud applications of Azure and AWS to various languages like Java, Golang, VueJs, ReactJs, Scala, k8s.


I'm a firm believer in how the power of technology(software) can transform our society and positively impact millions of people's lives. If done right, it can enable the weakest and poorest for a better life. And like peter parker once said, "With great power comes great responsibility." With this super capability to transform people's lives, it's also essential that we Software developers as a community build software with empathy towards our users and write well-tested, cleaner, and elegant pieces of code. We write a code that is open and available for all to contribute and access. For decades, Thoughtworks has worked on this principle, making it one of the best organizations to work with.