Abstract Pattern for Continuous DeliveryAbstract Pattern for Continuous Delivery

Continuous Delivery
Before It Was Cool

We’ve always aimed to push software development teams to think and work differently. As leaders in Continuous Integration, we created the first publicly available CI server, Cruise Control in 2001. From there, we pushed the boundaries of CI to create what would become Continuous Delivery, and have been working for the last decade to make it common practice. We didn’t just write the book on Continuous Delivery: we also made the best build and deployment pipelines in GoCD.

Continuous Integration and Delivery

GoCD is an open source Continuous Delivery server specializing in advanced workflow modeling and dependency management. Its value stream map lets you track a change from commit to deploy at a glance, providing superior visibility into your entire workflow. It also provides support and enterprise add-ons, including those for disaster recovery.

Reliable and Low Maintenance Test Automation

Gauge is a free and open source test automation framework. Its markdown syntax and reusable specifications make it easy to set up, learn, maintain and extend. Gauge is powered by Taiko - an open source Node.JS library that automates the Chrome browser and effectively eliminates flakiness from tests. Gauge and Taiko are the ideal combination to create reliable and easy to maintain test automation suites.

Our customers

Customer Logos
Customer Logos

Why we have products

As ThoughtWorkers, one of our missions is to revolutionize the software industry. We are thoughtful practitioners: we take pains with our craft, and pass on our learnings through professional services and creating new products. Our tools, based on the best practices we recommend, help our customers build software faster, continuously improve their teams and processes, and drive the change needed to thrive.

ThoughtWorks supports, builds, and promotes the use of open source software wherever possible. Our GoCD and Gauge products are a big part of this commitment.

This is an exciting era: the whole stack of how people develop software is changing rapidly. We are proud to be pushing the boundaries of this change, elevating the discussion of how teams build great software.
Chad Wathington
Chad WathingtonChief Capability Officer

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