Beyond anecdotes: Championing Evidence Based Decision Making in Patient Healthcare Record Migration

A co-presentation with NHS Digital | Leeds Digital Festival 2020

In this webinar, product leads James Spirit (NHS Digital) and Charlotte King (Thoughtworks) share how they moved beyond anecdotal and gut-feel prioritisation to making product decisions based on qualitative and quantitative evidence.

They also discuss the journey they’ve taken to build an experiment based product mindset within their organisation, highlighting the challenges faced and the strategies for overcoming them.

About the speakers

Charlotte King

Senior Product Consultant, Thoughtworks

Charlotte helps organisations create commercially focused and effective products and is well versed in using Design Thinking, Lean Startup and Agile approaches to create innovative solutions that solve complex business problems and address user needs. She is passionate about helping great people and great organisations build great products. 

James Spirit

Product Lead, NHS Digital

James has over fifteen years of technology delivery experience in the NHS. A graduate of the NHS management and leadership training scheme, his roles have spanned multiple local, regional and national NHS organisations. This has included workforce and payroll transformation projects but most recently through digital delivery and product leadership roles at NHS Digital.

Over this time he has experienced first-hand the ongoing digital transformation in healthcare and implemented a range of user-centred delivery approaches across healthcare organisations, delivering products and services such as the NHS Spine, Summary Care Record and a range of urgent care and primary care digital services.