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Enabling future-ready LHR strategies with data products
Enabling future-ready LHR strategies with data products

Enabling future-ready LHR strategies with data products

The future of healthcare is here


The concept of data-driven healthcare has been discussed throughout the industry for decades. But, thanks to significant advances in technology, shifts in patient preferences and digital habits, and advanced digital capabilities becoming far more accessible, it’s now more than just a vision of the future — it’s a reality.


Longitudinal Health Records (LHRs) sit right at the heart of these fast, hyperconnected healthcare experiences, services and ecosystems. They provide the input necessary for payers and multidisciplinary care teams to curate personalized Longitudinal Care Journeys for their patients. They’ve always been an essential element of care delivery and payer services, but now they’re playing a pivotal role in some of the most significant shifts happening in the healthcare industry.


In this whitepaper, you’ll learn about:

  • The rising opportunities LHRs can leverage with data

  • Challenges LHRs face when it comes to current data structures

  • Data Mesh: a new architectural pattern that can revolutionize future LHR strategies

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