Continuous Delivery

Featured Article

Getting into DevOps: Part 1

Carlos Nuñez

Featured Article

5 Traits of a Good Delivery Pipeline

Marcos Brizeno

Featured Article

Infrastructure as Code: A Reason to Smile

Jafari Sitakange

5 Nov 2018

Modernizing your build pipelines

Mario Fernandez

29 Mar 2018

Using CD with machine learning models to tackle fraud

Hany Elemary and Sarah LeBlanc

8 May 2017

Getting into DevOps: Part 2

Carlos Nuñez

27 May 2016

[Podcast] Build Pipelines as Code with LambdaCD

Klaus Fleerkötter

26 Feb 2016

Moving to the Phoenix Server Pattern Part 3: Evolving a Recovery Strategy

Laura Ionescu

19 Jan 2016

Infrastructure as Code: The Automation Fear Spiral

Kief Morris

11 Jan 2016

Architecting for Continuous Delivery

Vishal Naik

8 Jan 2016

Infrastructure as Code: From the Iron Age to the Cloud Age

Kief Morris

24 Dec 2015

11 Gifts for the DevOps Person in Your Life

Louda Peña

1 Nov 2015

[Podcast] Securing the Pipeline

Johannes Thönes

17 Oct 2015

Enabling Trunk Based Development with Deployment Pipelines

Vishal Naik

15 Sep 2015

Moving to the Phoenix Server Pattern - Part 2: Things to Consider

Pablo Porto

29 Jul 2015

Papertrail Solution for Rails Applications on ElasticBeanstalk

Mingle Team

20 Jul 2015

Enabling Incremental Design and Evolutionary Architecture

Sivasubramanian V

20 Jul 2015

Moving to the Phoenix Server Pattern - Part 1: Introduction

Ama Asare

15 Apr 2015

Enabling Continuous Delivery (CD) in Enterprises with Testing

Anand Bagmar

30 Mar 2015

​Continuous Delivery with Broken Builds and a Clean Conscience

Lucas Medina

10 Mar 2015

First Continuous Delivery Meet-Up in Porto Alegre, Brazil

Leandro Gualter

1 Mar 2015

Choosing the Right Tool to Provision AWS Infrastructure

Sneha Somwanshi

10 Feb 2015

Keep Your Code Clean..And Your Environment Too!

Yahya Poonawala


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