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Authors: Jim Highsmith (Alumni), Linda Luu (Alumni) and David Robinson

EDGE: Value-driven digital transformation
EDGE: Value-driven digital transformation

Learn how to build an organization that can thrive in a world of technological change

Enterprises face an ever-growing gap between opportunities and their ability to exploit them. Technological advances generate opportunities, but enterprises’ capabilities struggle to keep pace.

This is a world that complexity theory describes as the edge of chaos. While it might be tempting to wish for more stability — a return to an earlier era, perhaps — this edge of chaos lends itself to innovation, change, and growth.

In EDGE: Value Driven Digital Transformation, Jim Highsmith, Linda Luu, and David Robinson explore how you can embrace “the edge” by building organizations that are adaptive and responsive to what might feel like chaos. They explain how, by bridging the gap between digital strategy and execution, you can ensure a culture that combines innovation and resilience to deliver more value to your customers.
EDGE: Value-Driven Digital Transformation is the go-to guide for leaders looking to link strategy to how an organization executes on delivery of value, delighting customers, and business results.
Barry O’Reilly
Author of Unlearn and Lean Enterprise

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Take a peek at Jim Highsmith, Linda Luu and David Robinson’s unique perspective on the world and find out how you can use it to rethink the way your organization thinks about strategy, delivery, and value.


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A chat with the authors

In this sit down with the authors, we hear about the origins of EDGE, who should use it and when it should be used.

About the authors

Jim Highsmith
Jim Highsmith

Jim Highsmith, executive consultant at Thoughtworks, Inc, has 40-plus years’ experience as a manager, consultant, developer, and storyteller.

A leader in the agile community for more than 15 years, he coauthored the Agile Manifesto, cofounded The Agile Alliance, and authored the world-renowned books Adaptive Leadership and Agile Project Management.

Linda Luu
Linda Luu

Linda Luu, Principal Product & Portfolio Consultant at Thoughtworks, has over 15 years of experience in product innovation, customer-centered design, organizational transformation, lean/agile, and design thinking.

David Robinson
David Robinson

David Robinson, Business Transformation Principal at Thoughtworks, has more than 30 years of experience in IT leadership, organizational transformation, and management consulting.

It’s refreshing to read a book that goes beyond the ‘base camp’ of agility. So often we get to Scrum or some framework and then stop. True digital transformation is much more, and this book by Highsmith, Luu, and Robinson captures what every manager needs to know if we want to scale these challenging heights.
Martyn Jones
Managing Director, SoftEd Group, New Zealand

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