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Urgent Action to Preserve Net Neutrality!

People around the world understand the battle for net neutrality as a defining moment for the Internet.
Thoughtworks is joining Big Telecom vs. The World, a global effort of more than 50 groups in 22 countries who are calling on individuals, organizations and companies to be part of the historic campaign. 
We are joining with Internet users around the world to add their voice before the crucial 15 September deadline set by the US Federal Communications Commission for comments by signing this petition: 

We are urging participation in this effort because losing net neutrality would end the era of democratic Internet access and cripple the most significant and disruptive engine of human progress the world has ever seen.

The Internet has thrived because of the level playing field it creates for sharing a rich diversity of opinions, viewpoints and ideas.  Allowing paid prioritization would amplify the voices that can afford to pay and fundamentally cripple the most significant and disruptive engine of human progress the world has ever seen.
The fact that Net Neutrality is under significant threat is a symptom of a deeper problem - massive consolidation of the broadband access marketplace.  Most consumers today typically have a choice between one or two large corporate providers. Monopolization in a market demands a tougher regulatory approach. Reclassifying broadband internet as a telecommunications service provides a necessary check on the unequal playing field of the broadband access market.

Disclaimer: The statements and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the positions of Thoughtworks.

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